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Surveying Surveying Surveying

We provide services that cater for all of the ‘surveying’ requirements for land related projects. Those surveying services include:

  • Site Topographical Surveys
  • Subdivision Proposal Surveys for resource consent applications
  •  Cadastral surveying to facilitate the issue of new certificates of title, including:
    • Freehold subdivision
    • Cross lease subdivision
    • Unit title subdivision
    • Rural subdivision
    • Boundary re-peg (redefinition)
  • Building Surveying:
    • Positioning of dwellings
    • Local authority certification e.g. floor levels, maximum heights and height in relation to boundary, etc…
  • Civil engineering surveying to facilitate construction of the physical works required  within land development projects, including:
    • Setting out of the works
    • As built surveys of completed works
    • Certification of the position of structures and infrastructure

The surveying services required within a project will be discussed with the Client as necessary.